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Two Girls and a Sailor(1944).

Two Girls and a Sailor(1944). Has a host of celebrity performances including, Jimmy Durante doing his hallmark "Inka Dinka Doo", Gracie Allen, and Lena Horne. Richard Connell and Gladys Lehman were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Harry James as himself. Cast: June Allyson, Gloria DeHaven, Van Johnson and Tom Drake .

Sisters Patsy and Jean Deyo grow up watching their parents sing and dance on the vaudeville stage. Before long they start an act of their own.

Patsy is constantly warning her sister, to save herself for a "good" man. Jean, wanting to marry a rich man, receives orchids from an admirer who signs the card as "Somebody," she and Patsy try figure out who it is during one of their nightclub performances. Later that night, Jean and Patsy host a "private canteen," inviting many sailors and soldiers to their apartment, and both sisters are attracted to a sailor named Johnny. Johnny is attracted to Jean and Sgt. Frank Miller's is also attracted to Jean, but spends the evening with Patsy. Jean points out to Johnny an abandoned warehouse near their apartment and tells him that she and Patsy want to convert the old building into a canteen. The next day, Mr. Nizby tells the sisters that "Somebody" has purchased the warehouse for them and is paying to have it renovated.

Patsy and Jean find the warehouse used to be a theatrical warehouse and Billy Kipp, a popular vaudevillian whom they used to know, has been secretly living there.

After the building is completely finished, the sisters put on an elaborate show paid for by "Somebody," for all the servicemen, including Johnny and Frank. While Jean and Patsy are on the dance floor with Johnny, Billy overhears dancer Ben Blue ordering orchids over the telephone and he thinks he now knows who the "Somebody." is. Billy tells Patsy and Jean of his suspicions, but they soon find out that Ben is ordering flowers for his wife. Johnny takes the opportunity to ask Patty who she wants "Somebody" to be. Patsy says that she wants him to marry Jean and that she wants her true love to be a poor "straight man." That night, Patsy has a nightmare in which she looses Johnny to Jean. The next morning, Billy overhears Mr. Nizby place a work order for the canteen and charge the cost to John Dyckman Brown, she then runs to tell Patsy and Jean the good news. Jean is happy that the millionaire is her admirer, Patsy then goes to the Brown mansion to confront him. After confronting the grandfather John Dyckman Brown and then his son, John Dyckman Brown II, of toying with her sister's affections, Patsy learns that "Somebody" is John Dyckman Brown III, and that he is Johnny. Patsy pretends to be happy for her sister. After she leaves, Johnny confesses to his father and grandfather that he is actually in love with Patsy, but is afraid to hurt Jean.

Later, in New York, Patsy heartbroken shows up late at the nightclub and tells Jean about Johnny. Jean's excitement about Johnny makes Patsy even more upset, and she runs out of club in tears.

Unknown to Patsy and Jean, the Dyckmans have come to see their show. Jean, realizes that Patsy is in love with Johnny and asks Frank, if he is in love with her. When he answers yes, Jean kisses him, and the next day, she announces that she and Frank, are getting married. Johnny then proposes to Patsy, and Billy is reunited with his long-lost son "Junior," an enlistee who looks exactly like him.

Fun Fact: First of six movies that paired June Allyson and Van Johnson.

The film is very entertaining. Richard Thorpe, the director, did a wonderful job and the cast of stars a made a movie that is delightful to see anytime it's shown. I especially enjoyed Harry James as the Young Man with a Horn.

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