Monday, November 22, 2010

The Firefly(1937).

The Firefly(1937) . Cast: Jeanette MacDonald, Allan Jones. The film is an adaptation of the operetta of the same name by composer Rudolf Friml and librettist Otto A.  The film used almost all of the music from the operetta but  added a new song, "The Donkey Serenade", which became popular, as was one of the Friml songs, "Giannina Mia".

Spy Nina Maria Azara, worked for Spain during the Napoleonic Wars. Her mission is to seduce French Officers, to learn what Napolean's plans are. She is sent to Bayonne, France to learn military secrets. She meets, Don Diego while performing at a club. Unknown to her, Don Diego is actually Captain Andre, who is sent to Spain to spy on her. While in France, Nina discovers Diego's true identity, only after she has fallen in love with him. Nina Maria returns to Spain and goes into hiding. Napoleon's troops invade Spain and Nina is captured....

I really enjoyed the scenes in the cafe, the “Donkey Serenade” sequence and the moonlit night in the garden.

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