Thursday, November 18, 2010

Happy Go Lovely (1951)

Happy Go Lovely(1951). British musical/comedy film. Directed by H. Bruce Humberstone. Cast: Vera Ellen, David Niven, and Cesar Romero.

American producer Jack Frost, begs his creditors to give him a couple more days to come up with the money that he owes them. To make things worse the star of the show quits. The next morning, chorus girl Janet Jones hitchhikes to the theater and is picked up by chauffeur Bates. Racing to get Janet to rehearsal, Bates is pulled over by the police, Janet arrives late and is fired. Unknown to Janet, Bates works for B. G. Bruno, the richest man in Scotland, and when Bates returns to the theater with her forgotten purse, everyone believes that Janet is Bruno's fiancee.

Seeing an opportunity, Jack rehires Janet and gives her the starring role. Janet, is also surprised when dressmaker Madame Amanda, who had been after her to pay an outstanding bill, gives her beautiful clothes to wear.

Upset, Janet's roommate Mae Thompson, asks her why she did not tell her about Bruno, Janet decides to tell her the truth. Believing that Bruno will never find out, Mae convinces Janet to continue with her story until the show opens.

The next day, Bruno, receives Madame Amanda's bill and decides to investigate. At the theater, Janet thinks that Bruno is Paul Tracy, a reporter who is scheduled to interview her, and Bruno does not correct her. Bruno questions Janet about "B. G.," she comes up with a story about their friendship.

Bruno, invites Janet to lunch the next day. Janet asks him not to print anything about her relationship with B. G. Jack, tells the real Paul his own stories about B. G. and Janet, and Paul writes about the "romance" in his next column. During lunch, Jane confronts Bruno about the column, but he convinces her that someone else wrote the story. Janet sees Bates's limousine outside the theater and quickly leaves. Bruno questions Bates about his visit to the theater, and when Bates tells him how met Janet, Bruno becomes convinced that Janet is not a gold digger.

Later, Mae and Janet, who told Jack she will bring B. G. to dinner the next night, look over actors' photographs, hoping to find someone to impersonate B. G. When Bruno brings flowers for Janet, the women think that he would make a perfect B. G., and ask him to play the part.

Janet and Mae give him tips on how to act like a millionaire, Bruno joins Janet at the fancy restaurant where Jack's creditors are waiting to meet B. G. Bruno convinces Jack and his creditors that he is B. G. and is considering investing in the show. After dinner, Janet tells Bruno that she does not know B. G.

The next morning, Bruno writes Jack a check. Janet sees Bruno at the theater and come clean with Jack and tells him that Bruno's check is phony. Jack wants Bruno's arrested and when Bruno shows up at opening night, he is chased by the police.

Bruno tries to convince Janet that he really is B. G., but she does not believe him. After Bruno is arrested, one of the officers recognizes him as B. G..

I thought this was a very charming comedy, with wonderful musical numbers, performed by, Vera-Ellen. Romero is bit frantic but Niven is hilarious.

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