Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Ginger Rogers Career Highlights:

In 1984, at age 74, Ginger directed her first stage musical, Babes In Arms.

She was a fashion consultant for the JCPenney chain from 1972-75.

In March 1965, Ginger performed in her last movie, Harlow, based on the life of actress Jean Harlow. Fun Fact: The part of Mama Jean Bello initially had been accepted by Judy Garland, who then had second thoughts about the quality of the film and withdrew before filming started. Next, Eleanor Parker, went quickly in and out prior to shooting.

Ginger starred in her first British film, Twist of Fate, in 1953.

In November of 1951 she was on the cover of Life Magazine for the fourth time.

In 1940 she won an Oscar as the Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in Kitty Foyle. A story about a woman named, Kitty Foyle, who& was an executive at Delphine Detaille's fashion house. Kitty meets wealthy Wyn Strafford, who offers her a job at his magazine. The two fall in love, but Wyn does not have the courage to break from his family. After her father's death, Kitty goes to New York, where she begins to date Mark. Wyn comes back into Kitty's life, and the two are married. Kitty forces Wyn to make a choice between herself or his family. What does Kitty's future hold for her?

She appeared for the first time on the cover of LIFE magazine with Fred Astaire in the August 1938 edition.

In 1936 she was invited to the White House to meet President Franklin D. Roosevelt during his birthday celebration.

A 20 year old Ginger Rogers was in her first Hollywood film, The Tip Off, in 1931.

In 1930, starring in Broadway musical Girl Crazy, Ginger was making $1000/week at the beginning of the Great Depression.

In 1929 Ginger made her Broadway debut in Top Speed.

Ginger was the Texas State Charleston Champion in 1925, marking her stage debut.

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