Friday, November 19, 2010

An American in Paris (1951).

An American in Paris(1951). MGM musical film inspired by the 1928 orchestral composition by George Gershwin. Cast: Gene Kelly, Leslie Caron, and Oscar Levant, the film is set in Paris, and was directed by Vincente Minnelli from a script by Alan Jay Lerner. The music is by George Gershwin, with lyrics by his brother Ira, with additional music by Saul Chaplin, the music director.

Jerry Mulligan, an American World War II veteran, is now living in Paris trying to make a living as a painter. His friend, Adam, is a struggling concert pianist who has worked with French singer, Henri Baurel. A lonely society woman, Milo Roberts, befriends Jerry and wants to support him. Jerry falls in love with Lise, a French girl who he meets at a restaurant. Lise loves him as well but she is engaged to Henri, to whom she feels indebted for having saved her family during World War II.

Will Milo ever figure out that Jerry is not interested in her and will Jerry prevent Lise from marrying Henri?

The cast performances are excellent. Leslie Caron, who is making her film debut, is so wonderful you would think she'd been making films for years. Oscar Levant, is hilarious and gets a couple of great scenes: during the end party sequence (which I will not give away for anyone who hasn't seen the film), and one of the film's most memorable musical numbers.

Fun Facts:

Hayden Rorke, best known for playing Dr. Bellows on the TV series I Dream of Jeannie has a small part as a friend of Nina Foch's character.

Noel Neill, later to portray Lois Lane on the TV series The Adventures of Superman, has a small role as an American art student who tries to criticize Jerry Mulligan's paintings.

Judy Landon, better known for her appearance in Kelly's next musical Singin' in the Rain (and as the wife of Brian Keith), appears as a dancer in the Stairway to Paradise sequence.

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