Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Yacht Club Boys.

The Yacht Club Boys, popular in the 1920s and 1930s: Charles Adler, George Kelly, Billy Mann, and Jimmie Kern. They performed as a specialty act in many films of the 1930s. The Yacht Club Boys' performances were similar to those of The Ritz Brothers, a zany musical-comedy trio.

The Yacht Club Boys, dressed in varsity sweaters and sang: "I'm Wild About Horns on an Automobile", "Nasty Nancy, the Meanest Gal in Town".

They later, expanded their act to include, current events and trends and sang songs like, "You're Broke, You Dope" and "The Super-Special Picture of the Year." Their best remembered silver screen performance was in, Al Jolson's The Singing Kid, in which the four try to keep Jolson from singing outdated "mammy songs."

Adler, Kelly, Kern, and Mann also starred in musical short subjects, first for Paramount Pictures in 1929-30, then for Vitaphone in 1936, with: Dough-Nuts, The Vodka Boatmen. The group disbanded in 1939; Jimmie Kern became a screenwriter and later a director.

Feature films include:

Deep 'C' Melodies (1930)
The Singing Kid (1935)
Thanks a Million (1935)
They're Off (1936)
Stage Struck (1936)
Pigskin Parade (1936)
Artists and Models (1937)
Thrill of a Lifetime (1937, billed as the stars)
Cocoanut Grove (1938)
Artists and Models Abroad (1938)

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