Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Ice Follies of 1939(1939).

The Ice Follies of 1939(1939). Directed by Reinhold Schünzel. Cast: Joan Crawford, James Stewart, Lew Ayres and Lewis Stone. Featuring The International Ice Follies.

The story begins, when skaters Larry Hall and Eddie Burgess, meet Mary McKay, a very poor skater. Larry, insists on including in her in their act, even after being fired from all their shows.

After the couple are married, Mary, realizes that she is damaging her husband's career and convinces the head of Monarch Studios, to hire her. Mary, soon discovers that she can not marry without the permission of the studio and Larry tells her to keep their marriage a secret.

After his wife becomes a huge star, Larry leaves for New York, to meet with his former partner Eddie, in the office of producer Mort Hodges, who plans to help Larry with his dream of producing the Ice Follies.

After, Larry's Ice Follies, becomes a huge hit, Mary wants to give up her career to save their marriage. Will she change her mind after the the two are hired to work on the same show?

The best part of this movie is the ice-skating scenes. Joan Crawford, got a chance to play a much softer character. If you are like me, you will want to watch any movie with Jimmy Stewart in it..

Lew Ayres (born Lewis Frederick Ayres III; December 28, 1908 – December 30, 1996). He was discovered playing banjo in the Henry Halstead Orchestra as Halstead was recording one of the Vitaphone movie shorts called, Carnival Night in Paris(1927).

Ayres played opposite Greta Garbo in the film ayres,, The Kiss(1929), but it was his starring role in the film, All Quiet on the Western Front(1930), which made him a star. Ayres was Janet Gaynor's leading man in, Servants' Entrance (1934). He played the title role in, Young Dr. Kildare (1938) and starred in several Kildare films. During this time, Ayres also co-starred with Joan Crawford and James Stewart in the film, The Ice Follies of 1939.

Ayres made few films after the war, but in 1948 his role in, Johnny Belinda earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.


  1. I agree Monty. I'll watch anything with Jimmy in it. Great review.

  2. Thanks Tom, I agree.. Monty writes great classic movie reviews.. but Dawn wrote this review :)