Friday, November 4, 2011

Two Guys from Texas (1948).

Two Guys from Texas (1948) Musical/comedy. Cast: Dennis Morgan, Jack Carson, and Dorothy Malone. Directed by David Butler. Pictures on September 4, 1948. This was a follow-up to Two Guys from Milwaukee, also starring Morgan and Carson

The film is best remembered for an animated cameo appearance of cartoon character Bugs Bunny. Friz Freleng, Warner's leading animation director, was assigned to direct the special animated dream sequence, in which Bugs gives some advice to Jack Carson.

While Bugs Bunny was not the star of the film, his appearance stands out as a landmark in his long career. Bugs would later have a similar cameo in 1949's My Dream Is Yours, which also starred Jack Carson.

Singing and dance act.. Steve Carroll and Danny Foster, are headed for California, when they run out of gas in Texas. Leaving their car on the side of the road, they hitch a ride to a dude ranch with Link Jessup and his secretary, Jim Crocker. After hearing Steve and Danny's story, Jessup suddenly remembers that he has unfinished business in town and leaves the two men to find their own way to the ranch. Steve and Danny, ask Joan Winston, the owner, to give them room and board in exchange for their talents. Joan, agrees to let them stay after she learns that they are friends of Maggie Reed, a singer working at the ranch.

Steve asks Dr. Straeger, a guest at the ranch, to talk to Danny about his animal phobia. Even though Straeger, is not a psychiatrist, he agrees to talk to Danny. Danny, shares with him a recurring dream in which he is a shepherd who loses his flock of sheep to a wolf who looks like Steve. Straeger tells Danny, that he is jealous of Steve and advises Danny to take a girl away from Steve.

When Steve and Danny discover that their car has been stolen and report it to the sheriff, "Tex" Bennett, who seems only concerned by Joan's, interest in Steve.

Joan, takes a walk with Danny and kisses him. By the next day, Danny has lost his fear of animals. On the day of the rodeo, Jessup and Crocker, steal the rodeo entry fees and use Danny and Steve's car for their getaway. Now, Tex believes that Danny and Steve are guilty and arrests them.

Danny and Steve, manage to escape from jail and, in disguise, sneak back to the ranch, where Danny overhears Jessup and Crocker planning to steal the rodeo's money. They decide to stop the robbery and clear their names.

At the rodeo, Danny accidentally mounts a wild horse and wins the contest. Then Steve reveals that Jessup and Crocker are the real criminals. Later, Danny is shocked when he learns that Straeger is a veterinarian. Steve and Joan decide to marry, as do Maggie and Tex.

This movie is a wonderful example of a Classic movie with the romantic plot and elaborate sets. I think you will love the catchy music and a great story line. A good rainy afternoon movie.

Dorothy Malone (born January 30, 1925). She worked as a child model and began acting in school plays at Ursuline Convent and Highland Park High School. While performing at Southern Methodist University, she was spotted by an RKO talent agent and was signed to a studio contract, making her film debut in, The Falcon and the Co-Eds(1943).

Malone, performed mostly in supporting roles in B-movies, many of them Westerns, although on occasion she played small but memorable roles, such as the bookstore clerk in, The Big Sleep (1946) with Humphrey Bogart, and the love interest of Dean Martin in the musical/comedy, Artists and Models (1955).

By 1956, Malone transformed herself into a platinum blonde and shed her "good girl" image when she co-starred with Rock Hudson, Lauren Bacall, and Robert Stack in the film, Written on the Wind. As a result, she was offered more substantial roles in films: as Too Much, Too Soon, Man of a Thousand Faces and Warlock , The Tarnished Angels, The Last Voyage and The Last Sunset.

Penny Edwards(24 August 1928-26 August 1998), began studying dance by age six and, as a teen, appeared on Broadway in "The Ziegfeld Follies of 1943". After a couple of other musicals and a stint with the St. Louis Municipal Opera, she was signed by Warner Brothers in 1947. She showed promise as a second lead, singing and dancing opposite Dennis Morgan and Ben Blue in her film debut, My Wild Irish Rose (1947). She also performed the Shirley Temple film, That Hagen Girl (1947). Then alongside Morgan again in, Two Guys from Texas (1948)with Donald O'Connor and Marjorie Main in the musical, Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin'(1948) and in another musical, Tucson (1949).


  1. Oh - another one I am yet to see.. Jack Carson (adore him.. ) and Dennis Morgan were such a great team.. and I love Dorothy Malone.. Thank you very much for this wonderful post!

  2. I saw this film for the first time today. When I saw that Jack Carson and Dorothy Malone, were in this film. I had to see it..