Sunday, November 6, 2011

Stage Struck (1936).

Stage Struck (1936). Cast: Dick Powell and Joan Blondell and Jeanne Madden. Director: Busby Berkeley.

Dance director George Randall, is not too happy and leaves the show when the star of the show is replaced by Peggy Revere, a woman whose only claim to fame is that she shot her husband. Now, that he is free..  Producer Fred Harris, hires him for his new show. What George doesn't know, is that Peggy, is backing and starring in the show. When, she learns that George, has been hired she tears up his contract. Fred, decides to use reverse psychology on Peggy and convinces her that hatred is really a sign of love.

George, is in love with Ruth Williams, who wants a job in show business. George, tries to talk Ruth out of it. Actor Gilmore Frost, helps Ruth get the job. When, Ruth sees George, singing a love song to Peggy, she thinks he is in love with her. The show is a failure, because Peggy is not very talented. Frost, hits her and George, insists that she go to the hospital. Ruth, plans to go on stage and in the last minute, Peggy insists she is well enough to perform. The police arrest both her and Frost for assault. George, asks Ruth to marry him.

Fun Fact:

The movie box office got a big boost when Dick Powell and Joan Blondell were married shortly before its release.

Stage Struck, is one of the least known of Busby Berkeley's Warner Bros. musicals, because there are no major production numbers.  Although, There are some wonderful songs by Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg :"Lady of the Moon" (sung by chorus girls during rehearsals, with Frank McHugh); "Fancy Meeting You" (sung by Dick Powell and Jeanne Madden); "In YOUR Own Quiet Way" (sung by Powell) and "In HIS Own Quiet Way" (a try-out, sung by Jeanne Madden). The film's highlight is the musical number by the Yacht Club Boys. Also featured in the cast are: Spring Byington and Carol Hughes, Hobart Cavanaugh,a young Jane Wyman and Jeanne Madden, in her movie debut.


  1. I was able to catch like thirty minutes of this wonderful movie. Great post Dawn!

  2. Hi

    I came upon your site as a result of chasing around the net after seeing Stage Struck on TCM yesterday.

    I have been looking for a video--youttube or whatever--of that small piece of the film in which The Yacht Club Boys sing "The Income Tax" -----That was 1936 and this is whaaaa!! 2011---75 years later, and about 10-15 min into the first reel there's the YCB's with this song that is soooooo apropos the current political scene, that I instantly wanted a copy of the "performance" to send around the net. ------It could be a rage (........for about 15 minutes, of course.....)

    Is the performance of "The Income Tax" available on the net somewhere?-----I've looked briefly for it, but hadn't found it when I ran into your review.

    Do you have it available,could you put it up on Youtube, or direct me to where I might find it, etc. so it will be available to link? ---------------------I'd appreciate any help on this that you could provide. (I'll check back here over the next few days to see if you can lend a hand.)


  3. Monty, Thank you, I was lucky enough to see the film for the first time yesterday. I really enjoyed the film, even though.. I was expecting more from a Busby Berkeley film.

    Jay, Thank you for stopping by. No.. I also looked for the video showcasing, The Yacht Club Boys singing "The Income Tax" song, to add to this post. I will take another look around and if I find it, I will add it to this post. Wish me luck. :)

  4. I would LOVE to find a clip, or even audio, of "Fancy Meeting You". Searched and can't find it. Any leads out there? Thanks!

  5. Look at U tube for the song.

  6. Thank you bobo smith. I posted the link.