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The Stork Club (1945).

The Stork Club (1945). Directed by Hal Walker. Cast: Betty Hutton , Barry Fitzgerald and Don DeFore.

A hat check girl at New York's famous Stork Club nightclub, Judy Peabody, saves an elderly man from drowning. He turns out to be Jerry Bates, who Judy, believes to be poor man.

Pop tells his lawyer to give Judy any thing her heart desires, anonymously. Judy's, dream is for her bandleader boyfriend Danny, to return home from the Marines, so she can sing with his band.

Before long she finds herself in a beautiful apartment, free of charge and a line of credit at a up scale department store. She buys dresses and furs, without knowing who is supporting her.

Judy finds "Pop" a job as a busboy, but that turns out to be a disaster, so she invites Pop to stay at her apartment. Danny comes home, looking forward to seeing her until he sees the apartment, the clothes and the older man. Believing her to be a "kept" woman, he decides to move on .

Billingsley is invited by Judy to hear the band. Impressed, he gives them a job at the club.

Will Judy ever find out that "Pop" is responsible for giving her all these wonderful things and will she win back Danny?

If you are fan of Betty Hutton and movies during the WWII era,  with a fun story and a couple of good musical numbers. This movie is for you.

Fun Fact:

The movie, included as a character Sherman Billingsley the owner of the real stork club. During the movie, he talks to Danny, Judy's fiancee telling him that his wife and two daughters were the only women in his life. This is contradictory to the real life Sherman, who had a longtime affair with Ethel Merman.

Barry Fitzgerald (10 March 1888 – 14 January 1961), is the older brother of Irish actor Arthur Shields. By 1929, he turned to acting full-time. He was a roommate of playwright, Sean O'Casey, for a short time.

Fitzgerald went to Hollywood to star in the film, The Plough and the Stars (1936), directed by John Ford. His other performances: The Long Voyage Home (1940), How Green Was My Valley (1941), And Then There Were None (1945), The Naked City (1948), and The Quiet Man (1952). Fitzgerald achieved a feat unmatched in the history of the Academy Awards: he was nominated for both the Best Actor Oscar and the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for the same performance, as "Father Fitzgibbon" in the film, Going My Way (1944). (Academy Award rules have since been changed to prevent this.) He won the Best Supporting Actor Award;  he  broke the head off his Oscar statue while practising his golf swing. (During World War II, Oscar statues were made of plaster instead of gold, owing to wartime metal shortages.)

Barry Fitzgerald movies I have seen:

Bringing Up Baby (1938)
The Sea Wolf (1941)
Going My Way (1944)
The Stork Club (1945)
Easy Come, Easy Go (1947)
The Naked City (1948)
The Story of Seabiscuit (1949)
The Quiet Man (1952)
The Catered Affair (1956)

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