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Holiday in Mexico(1946).

Holiday in Mexico(1946). Directed by George Sidney. Cast: Walter Pidgeon, Jane Powell, Roddey Mc Dowell and Ilona Massey.

The story begins when, Christine Evans, a fifteen year old girl who can not wait to live the the sophisticated life of foreign diplomat living in Mexico. Christine believes it is her job to organize her widower father's social life and takes over the planning of a big garden party he will be hosting.

Her friend Stanley Owen, the son of the British ambassador to Mexico, is wondering why there is sudden change in Christine's behavior. Wanting the the party to be a great success, Christine visits the nightclub where orchestra leader Xavier Cugat, is performing and asks him if he would perform at her father's party? Cugat accepts Christine's invitation, but tells her that his singer Toni, does not sing at private functions. Not knowing that Toni and her father were once in love, Christine goes over to the singer's home and begs her to sing at the party. Toni, only agrees when she realizes that the party will be hosted by Jeffrey.

Later, Christine and Stanley visit pianist Jose Iturbi, who is rehearsing his new show, to invite him to perform at the party. Jose, mistakes Christine for one of the many singers who come to audition for him and has her sing a song. Jose loves her singing and immediately offers her a place in his next concert. Christine then explains her real reason for visiting Jose, who is disappointed agrees to perform at the party.

Before the party, Jeffrey goes to visit Toni and the two reminisce about their past romance. Jeffrey and Toni rekindle their romance and Christine becomes jealous.

Soon after, Christine accepts the starring role in Jose's show, but things become complicated when she mistakes his interest in her singing as a romantic interest. Stanley, becomes jealous and tells Jeffrey that Christine has fallen in love with Jose.

Jeffrey at first, believes that Stanley is acting out of jealousy, but.. it is not long before he too, is also concerned about his daughter's relationship with Jose. Jeffrey asks Christine's friend Yvette Baranga, some hypothetical questions about what she thought about girlhood crushes on older men. Yvette, who has a crush on him, now thinks he is romantically interested in her. Could things become more complicated?

How will these two older men let these two young girls down without embarrassing them?

What a wonderful performance by Jane Powell. MGM knew how to create a star and they really pulled out all the stops in this fluffy "coming of age" film. The musical selections were wonderful throughout he film. Holiday in Mexico, has made me a lifelong fan of Jane Powell.

Fun Fact:

One of two films in which a young Fidel Castro appears as an extra, mostly in crowd scenes. The other film was a Esther Williams film, Bathing Beauty(1944).

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