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Royal Wedding (1951).

Royal Wedding (1951). Best known for Fred Astaire's dance performance on a ceiling and with a coat rack.

Cast: Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford, Sarah Churchill and Keenan Wynn, with music by Burton Lane. Directed by Stanley Donen. It was his second film and the first film he directed by himself.

Tom and Ellen Bowen, are a famous brother and sister dance act who's agent books them a show in London during the same time as the, Royal Wedding. They travel by cruise ship where Ellen meets and falls in love with, Lord John Brindale. After they arrive, Tom runs into Anne on the street and she is surprised when she learns that he is the star of the show. Tom hires her for a part in the show and then asks her out that night for a date.

Anne tells Tom that she has always loved to dance and sometimes imagines herself dancing on the ceiling. Later she takes Tom to meet her American-hating father, who takes an instant liking to Tom. Anne tells Tom that she is engaged to American Hal Rayton, but agrees to go out with him again.

The day before the opening, Ellen is heartbroken when she learns Johnny, cannot be at the opening because he has to attend a party for the royal couple. Tom, is also upset because Anne, wants to stay home to wait for a call from Hal. Tom and Ellen decide to go to the party together. The next night, the show goes off without a hitch and Johnny is able to leave the royal party to be with Ellen.

Walking home, Tom takes a photograph of Anne from the hotel lobby up to his hotel room, Tom then imagines himself dancing on the ceiling.

The next morning, Ellen and Tom, read about their wonderful reviews. Before Edgar leaves, Tom asks him to call Irving in New York and see if he can find any information on Hal. Before the performance, Edgar tells Tom that Hal, has been married for several months.

At the hotel, Ellen and Tom talk each other out of getting married and agree to keep the show together. On the morning of the royal wedding, all of London is celebrating, except Tom and Ellen, who realize that they cannot be happy unless they get married. Tom goes off to find Anne and Ellen goes to find Johnny..

Pure marshmallow fluff here, but... if you love Fred Astaire and Jane Powell, you will love this movie.. One of the more under-rated musicals of the early-1950s.

Fun Facts:

Initially Ginger Rogers was asked, but she declined. Then June Allyson was signed for the role, but had to drop out when she became pregnant. Judy Garland was then signed as Ellen, but due to personal issues was fired from the film. Jane Powell replaced Garland.

The story was loosely based on the real-life partnership of Fred Astaire and his sister, Adele Astaire. In real life, Adele Astaire married Lord Charles Cavendish, son of the Duke of Devonshire, just as Jane Powell, playing Fred's sister, marries an English Lord at the end of this film.

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