Saturday, October 15, 2011

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN captures The Favorite Classic Musical Film Crown

In the final match top seed Singin' in the Rain easily over-powered Meet Me in St. Louis 16-4 to win favorite classic musical film. It was an exciting tournament that I was more than happy to do for my friend Dawn. Thanks to everyone who voted and for my money, I think the right film won.

Donald, Debbie and Gene are all tired after this exciting tournament..but happy!


  1. This sure was alot of fun... I'm so happy that, Singin' in the Rain, won. Thank you everyone, for stopping by and voting.

    Monty, Thank you again, for hosting this exciting tournament!!

  2. A big thank you to Monty for this tournament - it was great fun and I enjoyed taking part, it also gave me an excuse (as if I needed one!) to get the dvd's out and watch many of these films again.

  3. I'm sad it's over! Can we start it up again!!! LOL. It was a great time and great films to pick from!!!

  4. Yay, I'm so glad Singin' in the Rain won! It's one of my favorites... and it sure was a landslide! lol

  5. I'm Late to tournament but it's of no consequence anyway. My favorite won.