Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Sem-Final Matches are set for the 3rd round of the 20's/30's Era of the Favorite Musical Tournament

The Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers films just keep on cruising in this era of the musical tournament. It began with 4 of their films competing and now there are 3 left. And the only reason that is, because one of their films had to face off against another one. Eighth seed Flying Down To Rio upset top seed The Jazz Singer 11-3. Fifth seed Swing Time beat fourth seed Shall We Dance 11-3. Third seed Top Hat just rolled over sixth seed Broadway Melody of 1929 by the count of 15-0. And finally the venerable 42nd Street edged out Gold Diggers of 1933 by the score of 9-5, which was the closest of the four matches. So here are the match-ups for the semi-final round:

5 SWING TIME (1936)

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire



Ginger and Fred


2 42ND STREET (1933)

42nd Street


3 TOP HAT (1935)
Ginger and Fred

Begins today and runs through Tuesday. The winners of these matches will then face off to decide you will grab the first spot in the final four of the musical tournament. Odds are it will be a Fred and Ginger film. Just saying.

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