Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It's Fred and Ginger vs Fred and Ginger for the first spot in the Final Four of the Favorite Classic Musical Film Tournament

It has come down to this...Fred and Ginger will be battling Fred and Ginger for the first spot in the final four of The Classic Musical Film Tournament. 3rd seed TOP HAT held off 2nd seed 42nd STREET 6-4 while 5th seed SWING TIME (my favorite of the duo's films) easily beat 8th seed FLYING DOWN TO RIO 10-1. I wonder who was the lone person that voted for Rio. Regardless, the final match is now set as Top Hat will take on Swing Time. Poll is open now and will run thru Thursday night 8 pm EST.

3 TOP HAT (1935)

Ginger and Fred


5 SWING TIME (1936)

Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire


  1. Monty, Dawn, what have I missed? I'm totally confused about the "seed" thing. I haven't been around to blogs for a couple of days at least. Did I miss some important votes? Is this a daily thing? Help!

  2. This is an incredibly hard decision! These are my two favorite Fred & Ginger films, and which one I like better tends to be whichever one I've watched more recently. Ah, well, I'll give it to Swing Time on the strength of George Stevens' direction.

  3. This was a very hard decision as I love both these films. After a lot of thought, as the dancing is sublime in both, I chose Swing Time because of the fabulous Dorothy Fields songs in it.

  4. Becky, I do not understand the basketball "seed" term. That is one of the reasons why Monty, is hosting the tournament. Hopefully, Monty will see your comment and be able to answer your question. I think he gives you 3 days to vote per poll.

  5. LOL Dawn! I did talk to Monty on FB and he explained it to me. Don't tell him, but I'm such a sports moron I still don't get the term "seed", but it doesn't matter. I know what he means. LOL! Hey, I got an announcement up on my sidebar at last!