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Colleen(1936). Musical film directed by Alfred E. Green. Cast: Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler, and Joan Blondell.

To the dismay of his family, the eccentric millionaire Cedric Ames, is talked into by his new assistant Joe Cork, to buy a dress shop for gold digger Minnie Hawkins, a former candy dipper at the "Itsey-Ditsey Nut Chewsie". Cedric's nephew, Donald Ames, steps in to close the dress shop.

The dress shops book-keeper Colleen Reilly, does not want Donald to close the dress shop, especially now, when the dress shop is doing so well.. Colleen, plans a fashion show and even designs some of the dresses herself. Now, all she has to do, is to talk Donald into keeping the shop open.

When Donald, asks her to dinner to discuss the dress shop, she agrees and that is when she tells him that she is engaged to Joe.

Joe and Minnie come up with a plan to get Cedric to adopt Minnie, after which Joe will marry her. Cedric's wife Alicia forces Donald to close the shop, to put a stop to their plans.

Meanwhile, Donald and Colleen have fallen in love. After, Minnie, Joe and Colleen are all fired. Colleen, thinks that Donald has been lying to her, so when he phones to ask her to marry him, she hangs up on him. Brokenhearted, she decides to open a dress shop on board an ocean liner. The ship turns out to be the one which Donald is on. But further complications follow before things get under way on board the ocean liner.

This film reunites the musical team of Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler for the seventh and final time. A fluffy little comedy that somehow works, with plenty of songs and dance. Colleen, an overlooked musical, giving Keeler an opportunity to sing and dance more than she ever did on screen . However, her dancing with Draper, is no threat to Astaire and Rogers.Colleen, is worth viewing at least once.

Louise Fazenda (June 17, 1895 - April 17, 1962), performed mostly in silent comedy films. Before trying motion pictures, she worked for a dentist, a candy store owner, and a tax collector and on stage.

Fazenda got her start in comedy shorts as early as 1913 with Joker Studios, frequently appearing with Max Asher and Bobby Vernon. She was soon recruited for Mack Sennett's troupe at Keystone Studios.

Fazenda continued through the 1930s, performing mostly in character roles. She played such diverse parts as a fussy old maid and a lady blacksmith.

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