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Sincerely Yours(1955).

Sincerely Yours(1955). Director Gordon Douglas. Cast: Liberace, Joanne Dru and Dorothy Malone.

Kind hearted Pianist Anthony Warrin, dreams of playing Carnegie Hall and is hopeful his dreams will come true when Carnegie representative, J. R. Aldrich, plans to attend one of his concerts.

Tony, goes to visit his former piano teacher and friend, to share the news but, instead Tony finds wealthy Linda Curtis, wanting to take piano lessons. Mistaking, she thinks Tony is Zwolinski and tells him that her parents really want her to take piano lessons. Soon after, Tony invites Linda to dinner and at the Italian restaurant, Tony realizes that his wallet is in his other suit and Linda pays the bill. After dinner, they then decide to go to nightclub, where Tony is asked to play boogie-woogie, with the band.

The next day, Tony and Linda visit a museum, where the guard shows them many antique keyboard instruments played by famous composers and pianists. Tony, plays each one of them and proposes to Linda.

After hearing Tony's performance at the San Francisco concert, Aldrich, sets a date for him to play at Carnegie Hall. Unfortunately, on the night of his Carnegie performance, Tony loses his hearing and must cancel.

Dr. Eubank, finds that his condition can only be cured by a operation, that will either cure him or... leave him permanently deaf. While he decides what to do, Tony takes lessons in lipreading from Mr. Rojeck. Tony, practices lipreading by using Binoculars to watch people in Central Park. He soon becomes interested in a handicapped boy named, Alvie Hunt, whose legs prevent him from playing with other children.

It is not long before Tony, becomes very depressed and almost jumps off the balcony, Marion stops him just in time. Then she encourages him to get out of the apartment more.

When Tony, sees Alvie tell his grandfather, that he has lost all hope, he has Marion take money to the Hunts to pay for Alvie's operation.

During the night, after hearing the tick of a clock, Tony realizes that his hearing has returned, at least for a short time, but continues to watch his friends in Central Park through his binoculars.

Tony, is sadden as he watches Mrs. McGinley and her newly married daughter, Sarah Cosgrove, who meet each week to visit at the park. Sarah, who has married into a wealthy family and is now worried, what her new husband and in-laws might think of her poor mother.

After, Tony sees Sarah cancel an outing with her mother, for a charity event, he invites Mrs. McGinley to the event after giving her a mini-make over. Sarah, happy to see her mother introduces her to the Cosgroves. It is not long after Tony again loses his hearing. Tony asks Sam not to share with Marion with the news. Marion, knowing Linda will take care of Tony, hands in her resignation when the couple set their wedding date.

While standing on the balcony, he watches Linda meeting Howard on a park bench. Tony watches as Linda admits to Howard, that she loves him, but plans to stay with Tony, because of his illness. When she enters the apartment, Tony tells Linda that he saw her with Howard, and believes they belong together.

Tony, gives Alvie a football and helmet, so he can play football with the other children and Alvie gives Tony a charm that he wore in the hospital for luck. Will Tony, have operation to restores his hearing, so he can continue to follow his dreams?

I could not pass up seeing Liberace, perform in this film. It is a very sweet story about hope and faith.

Liberace, always wanted to be an actor. His first movie performance was in, South Sea Sinners(1950), in which he played "a Hoagy Carmichael sort of character with long hair." Liberace also performed as a guest star in two RKO Radio Pictures. Footlight Varieties was an imitation-vaudeville hour released in 1951 and a little-known sequel, Merry Mirthquakes (1953), featured Liberace as master of ceremonies.

He was at the height of his career in 1955 when he starred in, Sincerely Yours with Dorothy Malone, playing 31 songs. The film (about a concert pianist who loses his hearing) was a commercial and critical failure. The film later became successful as a staple of movie programming on television in the late '50s and early '60s.

In 1965, he had a small part in the movie, When the Boys Meet the Girls starring Connie Francis, playing himself. He also performed in 1966 for his brief role as a casket salesman in the film, The Loved One, a story about the funeral business and movie industry in Southern California. It was the only film in which he did not play the piano.

In 1966, Liberace performed in the 1960s TV show Batman with Adam West and Burt Ward, playing a dual role as evil pianist Chandell and his gangster-like twin Harry in the episodes "The Devil's Fingers" and "The Dead Ringers".

In 1970, Liberace appeared on an episode of Here's Lucy, in which Craig (Desi Arnaz Jr.) borrows a candelabra for a high school club initiation.

Television specials were made from Liberace's show at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1978 and 1979 which were broadcast on CBS. These were "Leapin' Lizards It's Liberace" and "Liberace: A Valentine Special."

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