Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Dan Dailey and Betty Grable

Dan Dailey was a very popular musical performer during the 1940's through the 1950's. He may not have been as sophisticated as Astaire and did not have the strong personality as Kelly. Dan's dancing had a certain style all his own.

Betty Grable and Dailey's first film together was, Mother Wore Tights(1947). Betty Grable's most popular film, with Dan Daily her favorite costar. Where they play married vaudeville performers.

Their second performance together was in the film, When My Baby Smiles at Me (1948). The film is about, Bonny Kane and 'Skid' Johnson, who are vaudeville performers. They begin to have trouble in their marriage when when Skid gets an offer to perform on Broadway while Bonny gets left behind. Things get worse with Skids drinking and that he is spending more time with his beautiful co-star.

Third of four movies that paired Betty Grable and Dan Dailey. My Blue Heaven(1950). Jack and Kitty, are performing on their radio show, when Kitty, breaks the news to Jack that she is pregnant. On their way home from their baby shower, Kitty and Jack are in a terrible car accident and Kitty loses the baby and learns that she may never be able to have children.

Later, Jack and Kitty visit Walter and Janet on their farm, where they are welcomed by their 6 children. Janet tells them both that the two oldest children are adopted, as she and Walter thought they would never have children, but the other four are their own children. Kitty and Jack make the decision to adopt, so they talk to an adoption agency. Miss Gilbert, tells Kitty and Jack that they may take up to a year, while a their background is being investigated. Kitty and Jack make their first TV appearance, for their sponsor Cosmo Cosmetics. Miss Gilbert and Miss Evers, drop in unexpectedly to tell them that they have a baby boy for them, but... first they will have to meet with Mrs. Johnston. After Kitty and Jack pick up the baby boy, Mrs. Johnston decides that she will return with them to check out their apartment. Unfortunately, Mrs. Johnston does not like what she sees and refuses to allow the baby to stay there. This begins their long journey to have a career and family. Will their dreams of having children ever come true?

The last performance of Betty Grable and Dan Dailey in a film was, Call me Mister(1951). Set in Japan during the period between World War II and the Korean War. Betty Grable, performed as American USO entertainer Kay Hudson, who runs into former husband Shep Dooley, who wants to win her back.

This movie was really put together to showcase Grable and Dailey dancing skills in routines choreographed by Busby Berkeley.


  1. Unfortanately I have never seen When My Baby Smiles At Me - out of the other three I have seen I think My Blue Heaven is my favorite.

    Reportedly Dan Dailey and Betty Grable were good friends offscreen as well.

  2. I think it really shows up in their movies together.