Wednesday, January 25, 2012

George White's Scandals (1945).

George White's Scandals (1945). Cast: Joan Davis, Jack Haley, Phillip Terry, Martha Holliday, Ethel Smith, Margaret Hamilton, Glenn Tryon, Jane Greer and Gene Krupa.

At a Scandals Club reunion party, comedienne Joan Mason announces her engagement to fellow performer, Jack Evans. While, everyone is congratulating them, Jill Asbury, the daughter of former Scandals dancer Molly Hogan, introduces herself. Joan invites her to the shows rehearsal.

Things, do not go so well when Jack introduces Joan to his spinster sister Clarabelle, who does not like her and reminds her brother of the promise he made to his dying mother, that he would not marry until after his sister was married.

At rehearsals the next day, manager Tom McGrath, mistakes Jill for one of the chorus girls. Jill pretends to be dancer Jill Martin and asks Joan to keep her secret. Joan, then warns Jill that Tom treats all the chorus girls like sisters. Meanwhile, Joan arranges a date for Clarabelle through an escort service.

Jack has planned a surprise birthday party for his sister and all of the shows performers head over to the Evans house to entertain. Clarabelle, throws an ax at Joan when she discovers that Joan hired at a date for her through the escort service. Joan, thinks it's best to call off their engagement.

At rehearsals the next day, George White is so impressed with Jill's dancing that Tom offers her the closing act. When Billie learns Jill's true identity, she turns her into the British Embassy. Lord Quimby, a representative of the Embassy, comes to the theater to talk her into leaving the show.

When Tom learns that Jill has lied to him about her identity, he becomes very angry and she leaves the show. On opening night, she can not be found and Jack tells Clarabelle that he plans to marry Joan in spite of her wishes. Wanting to put a stop to his plans Clarabelle, then goes to the theater where she is knocked unconscious by a falling sandbag. Before the show Molly and her husband, Lord Asbury, go backstage to tell Mr. White how happy they are about their daughter's appearance in the show, and he let's him know about Jill's disappearance. Jack sees Jill sitting in the audience, and when she sees her parents sitting in their box seats, she decides to go ahead with her performance.

I really enjoyed the lively musical numbers, particularly the first one with Gene Krupa.

Joan Davis (June 29, 1907 – May 22, 1961), was a performer since childhood. She appeared with her husband Si Wills in vaudeville. Davis' first film was a short subject for Educational Pictures called, Way Up Thar (1935), featuring a then-unknown Roy Rogers. Educational distribution company, Twentieth Century-Fox, signed Davis for feature films. Tall and lanky, with a comically flat speaking voice, she became known as one of the few female physical clowns of her time. Perhaps best known for her co-starring turn with Bud Abbott and Lou Costello in, Hold That Ghost (1941), she had a reputation for flawless physical comedy. Her pantomime sequence in, Beautiful But Broke (1944) was a slapstick construction-site episode.

She co-starred with Eddie Cantor in two features, Show Business (1944) and If You Knew Susie (1948). Cantor and Davis were very close off screen as well.


  1. I recorded this movie and Show Business this morning. My DVD burner got some exercise! Great movies and Joan Davis is a great and underrated actress.

  2. I just saw George White's Scandals, for the first time yesterday morining. I really enjoyed it, mostly, because I'm a huge Gene Krupa fan.

  3. My Mother was a George White's Scandal Girl. I'm pretty sure she danced in the 1939 production. She and her twin sister traveled with the show. They were originally from San Francisco. Their names were Barbara and Natalie Cooper. Also know as the Cooper twins. I'd love it if anyone knows if any other dancers are still around. Thank you, Barb

  4. My mother, Stella Brown, was a dancer in the 1944 GWScandals road show where they traveled by train. George White 'really' wanted her to be in the 1945 movie asking, "Stella, haven't you EVER had professional dance lessons?" several times. Momma told the truth saying "No Sir, I haven't." Miriam LaVelle was a star in the show. The last show was in San Antonio, TX where Mom's Aunt Mary had (and still exists - great food) The Grey Moss Inn. So her Aunt Mary gave a party for the entire cast!