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Painting the Clouds with Sunshine(1951).

Painting the Clouds with Sunshine(1951). Musical directed by David Butler. Cast: Dennis Morgan and Virginia Mayo (Virginia Mayo's singing voice was dubbed by Bonnie Lou Williams). The movie was based on an earlier musical, Gold Diggers of 1933.

The Dillon Sisters, Carol, Abby and June, decide to leave Hollywood and head for the bright lights of Las Vegas, in their travel trailer looking for millionaires. Although, Abby is still in love with her gambler/singer boyfriend Vince Nichols.

The girls park their trailer behind the Golden Egg, which is owned by Felix Hoff, who has run into financial problems. Things start looking up for Felix, when eccentric prospector, Sam Parks, rides up on a donkey and says that he wants to become partners. It is not long before Sam let's the cat out of the bag, saying that he is the heir of Felix's former business partner, who was killed after he was caught cheating in a poker game. Sam, then says he wants Felix buy out his half of the Golden Egg.

Ted, has followed Abby to Las Vegas and promises Carol that he will bring three millionaires to their opening night performance. Abby, goes out with Ted, but does not believe it when he tells her that he is one of the millionaires.

The next morning, as Abby is drowning in flowers, Carol shares with Abby and June that Ted is from a wealthy family. Ted shows up with an engagement ring and Carol makes Abby accept his proposal.

During a board meeting at the Lansing National Bank of Boston, Ted's cousin, Bennington Lansing, reads a magazine article about Abby and then makes plans to go to Las Vegas to save Ted from who he thinks is a gold digger.

After learning that Bennington is on his way, Carol comes up with a plan to change Bennington's mind. Bennington arrives early and Carol mistakes him for the interior decorator and shares all her plans with him.

June, sees Bennington take Abby's signed photograph of Vince, to use as evidence against her. She then informs Bennington, that he can find Vince singing at the Bingo Club. Part of Bennington's plan, was to pretend that he has changed his mind about Abby, by throwing them a celebration party at the Golden Egg and to pay Vince to break them up.

Vince, changes his mind and can not go through with the plan, then decides to double-cross Bennington, by gambling away the money he gave him. Abby tries to stop him.

When June finds Ted winning at the slot machines, they decide to make the round of casinos together. Carol encourages Bennington to drink too much, hoping that he will approve of Abby and Ted's a marriage. He then offers to help her with her tax returns, so she takes him to the trailer to sleep it off, where Sam has arranged to take pictures of them together.

Vince, wins a lot of money at the casino but does not win over Abby's heart. Carol, who has returned in time to hear Abby rejection of Vince, but does not believe her and tells him that Abby, is still in love with him.

The next morning, Sam tries to blackmail the Bennington with the pictures of him and Carol, but Carol tears up the picture. Not to happy on how things are going, Sam, practices his knife throwing, while Felix worries for his safety. Vince, shows up and pays the money owed Sam to help his friend Felix. At the Las Vegas Helldorado festivities, June and Ted, become engaged and Ted hands Abby over to Vince. Felix, thanks Vince, for saving his life. Bennington, proposes to Carol, Sam joins with the rest of the group and they all climb into a buggy for the Helldorado parade.

I really enjoyed this very colorful film, "Painting the Clouds With Sunshine." The clothes were glamorous and musical numbers were wonderful .. I know, I know.. The girls-looking-for-millionaires' plot is old hat, but I still loved it.. I also loved Gene Nelson's number, where he is playing the trumpet while dancing.

Lucille Norman (June 15, 1921–April 1, 1998). She performed as a singer for movie soundtracks and in 1942 she had her first film role, an uncredited part in, Personalities. She only had three film roles through the 1940s, and another three in the 1950s. Her best known role was in 1952 opposite Randolph Scott in the film, Carson City.

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