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Old Man Rhythm(1935).

Old Man Rhythm(1935). Directed by Edward Ludwig. Cast: Charles Rogers, George Barbier, Barbara Kent, Grace Bradley and Betty Grable.

When John Roberts, Sr., one of the owners of the Roberts Doll Company, hears that his son Johnny is spending more time on co-ed Marion Beecher than on his studies or on his childhood sweetheart, Edith Warren, he leaves for Fairfield College to visit his son. After finding out that Johnny is love with Marion, Mr. Roberts decides to enroll in the school as a freshman and keep an eye on his son. He soon becomes the most popular student at Fairfield, Mr. Roberts makes Pinky Parker, Paul's shy son, his partner in crime. Mr. Roberts writes a letter to Paul asking him to write back and pretend that the toy business is bankrupt, in hopes of getting rid of Marion. The letter, some how is never sent. Because of Mr. Robert's antics, the business really begins to fail. Marion, gets into a argument with Johnny over Edith, which causes Johnny to want to get married after the prom. At the dance, Paul and Rochet, arrive to inform them about the financial troubles of the toy company in front of Marion. As predicted, Marion breaks it off with Johnny, who, returns to Edith, now his father can go back home to save his company.

The plot and the songs are ok, but.. there are some fun things about the film. First, there's  Betty Grable, who is featured in many songs and she does a tap dance on her toes, ballet style. Next, there's "Blimp," played Sonny Lamont, who does a wonderful dance number . I also enjoyed seeing, Johnny Mercer, in the first of his two acting roles. Finally, it was fun to spot Lucille Ball, in an early uncredited nonspeaking part. Don't blink you may miss seeing her.

Barbara Kent (born December 16, 1906) is a Canadian-born silent film actress. Following the death of Miriam Seegar, she is believed to be the only living American actor to have achieved substantial fame during the silent era as an adult.

She began her Hollywood career in 1925. A brunette who stood less than five feet tall, Kent made a strong impression as the heroine pitted against Greta Garbo's femme fatale in the film, Flesh and the Devil (1926).

She received attention for the film, No Man's Law(1927) by swimming nude; she wore a flesh colored bathing suit in scenes .  She made the transition into talking pictures opposite Harold Lloyd in the comedy, Welcome Danger (1929). She also received praise for her role in the film version of, Oliver Twist(1933).

In 1934 she married agent and producer Harry E. Edington and took a one-year hiatus. Edington groomed Kent for what he intended to be a high-profile career. However by the time she returned to films, her popularity had faded and she was unable to establish herself again. She made her final film in 1935.

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