Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If I'm Lucky (1946).

If I'm Lucky (1946). Cast: Vivian Blaine, Perry Como, Harry James, Carmen Miranda, Phil Silvers, Edgar Buchanan, Reed Hadley, Harry James and His Music Makers.

Band agent Wally Jones, sends telegrams to members of a band he manages, all who have other jobs, band leader Earl Gordon is blowing bugle at a race track, singer Linda Farrell is selling tickets at a movie theater, harpist Michelle O'Toole is working as a hat-check girl and other band members are playing golf. The telegram tell them to meet at Centerville, where Wally has arranged for them to audition for the Titan Tire Company, who is looking for a band to perform in his company's radio show. When the band arrives in Centerville, they find that Gillingwater has hired Benny Goodman instead. Broke, they decide to perform for a free meal of hot dogs at a "Magonnagle for Governor" political rally. Magonnagle hires the band to accompany him on the rest of his campaign tour. Magonnagle is running with the slogan, "A Vote for Magonnagle Is a Vote for the Common Man," but has little hope of beating the corrupt, Governor Quilby. The candidate is really a stooge for the corrupt political party, which discovers the band's handsome and singer would make a better candidate. Meanwhile, romance begins between the band's singers. When election day approaches, the band's singer wants out of the campaign, but the men that are backing Governor Quilby, threaten to ruin him and his band if he quits.

Vivian Blaine, age 25, has the lead role in this musical, which also stars Perry Como, and both of them perform their musical numbers perfectly. I would have loved to have seen Carmen Miranda's production number in color. If coarse I have to give a "shout out", to one of my favorite performers, Harry James, who has a speaking part, portraying the band leader. He also performs vocally in some of the songs. If you like fluffy 20th Century Fox musicals of the 1940s' you will also like this musical.:)

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