Friday, October 1, 2010

Dee Turnell ( uncredited).

Dee Turnell is the dancer on the right. She has performed in so many wonderful movies, you wonder why she never made it "BIG".

List of Dee Turnell Films:
The Opposite Sex Showgirl (uncredited)
1955 Kismet Harem Showgirl (uncredited)
1954 Deep in My Heart Bride in 'Louis XIV' (uncredited)
1954 Brigadoon (Ann)
1953 The Band Wagon Barbara (uncredited)
1953 The Girl Who Had Everything Guest in Town House (uncredited)
1952 The Bad and the Beautiful Linda Ronley (uncredited)
1952 The Return of Gilbert & Sullivan (short)
1952 Singin' in the Rain Chorus Girl (uncredited)
1951 The Strip Dancer (uncredited)
1951 An American in Paris Fury (uncredited)
1951 Show Boat Minor Role (uncredited)
1951 Royal Wedding Dancer in Haiti Number (uncredited)
1950 Tea for Two Chorus girl (uncredited)
1949 Neptune's Daughter Minor Role (uncredited)
1949 The Barkleys of Broadway Blonde (uncredited)
1948 Easter Parade Dancer (uncredited)
1948 The Pirate Louisa - 'Nina' Showgirl (uncredited)
1947 Cass Timberlane Hat Check Girl (uncredited)
1947 Copacabana

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