Friday, September 10, 2010

The Fleet's In (1942)

The Fleet's In (1942). Directed by Victor Schertzinger. Cast: Dorothy Lamour and William Holden. Although sharing the title of the 1928 film starring Clara Bow and Jack Oakie, it was not a remake. It was the second film version of the 1933 Kenyon Nicholson–Charles Robinson stage play Sailor, Beware!. Songs by Schertzinger and lyricist Johnny Mercer. The score includes: "Tangerine", and "I Remember You".

Jimmy Dorsey and his band are featured in the movie. Supporting cast members: Eddie Bracken, singer Cass Daley, and Betty Hutton in her film debut.

After Diana Golden performs for the sailors, sailor Casey Kirby goes backstage to get her autograph for his sister. Casey is tricked into a publicity kiss with Golden and when his buddy, Barney Waters, shares the news with all their buddies back on the ship, everyone is impressed. Then Jake, bets Barney that Casey will not be able to kiss a dance hall singer, Barney bets his friend Spike's antique watch, and the betting begins. Spike threatens Barney with his life that he wins the bet.

When they dock in San Francisco, Barney takes Casey to the dance hall and has Casey sit next to the singer. The singer only takes interest in Casey when the manager tries to force a customer on her, and Casey ends up walking her home. The singer is charmed by Casey, and she invites him into the apartment she shares with another singer, Bessie Dale. Bessie returns the same night with Barney, and everything is going well until Barney mentions the bet . Bessie comes in just as Casey and singer are just about to kiss and tells the singer about the bet. Both Barney and Casey are thrown out of the apartment, but.. Casey soon realizes that he is in love with the singer and buys an engagement ring. How will he win her heart?

It really is a musical comedy due to the excellent character actors/actresses and it has a couple of great songs. William Holden is so good, you really think he is Casey Kirby. Dorothy Lamour is funny and has some good songs to sing. Betty Hutton and Eddie Bracken are just as funny. I loved the story...

When DeSylva became a producer at Paramount Pictures, Betty Hutton was signed to perform in the film, The Fleet's In (1942) which starred Paramount's number one female star Dorothy Lamour. Hutton made an instant impact, but Paramount did not right away promote her to stardom. They gave her second leads in a film musical, Star Spangled Rhythm (1943), and another Lamour film before casting Hutton as the co-star of Bob Hope in Let's Face It (1943). Following the release of The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944), Hutton was now a major star, and with the film, Incendiary Blonde (1945), she was now Paramount's number one female box office attraction.

Hutton made 19 films from 1942 to 1952. The Perils of Pauline(1947). She was billed over Fred Astaire in the 1950 musical Let's Dance. Hutton's greatest screen performance was in the film, Annie Get Your Gun (1950), which hired her to replace Judy Garland in the role of Annie Oakley.

Among her many films was an unbilled cameo in Sailor Beware (1952) with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, in which she portrayed Dean's girlfriend, Hetty Button. Her time as a Hollywood star came to an end with the film, The Greatest Show on Earth (1952) and Somebody Loves Me (1952).

After which Hutton worked in radio, performed in Las Vegas and in nightclubs, then onto an musical TV spectacular written especially for Hutton called, Satin and Spurs (1954).

I posted the first of 8 videos of the film, The Fleets In, to help get you started. Enjoy :)

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