Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happy Birthday: Lucille Ball!

Lucille Ball, will always be remembered as the lovable Lucy Ricardo. She was a energetic teenager who entered a dramatic school in New York, unfortunately her classmate Bette Davis received all the attention, Lucille was sent home because she was, "too shy." She found work modeling for Hattie Carnegie's and in 1933, she was chosen to be a "Goldwyn Girl" and perform in the film, Roman Scandals (1933).

She was put under contract with RKO and performed in the films, Top Hat (1935), Stage Door (1937) and The Big Street (1942). While filming Too Many Girls (1940), she met and fell madly in love with Desi Arnaz. Even with different personalities, lifestyles, religions and ages (he was six years younger), they were married in November, 1940. Lucy soon switched to MGM, where she was offered roles in films such as, Du Barry Was a Lady (1943), Best Foot Forward (1943) and Without Love (1945). In 1948, she took a starring role in the radio comedy "My Favorite Husband". In 1950, CBS came with the idea of turning it into a television series. After convincing the network to let Desi play her husband and to sign over the rights to and creative control over the series to them, they began working on the most popular and beloved sitcom of all time, I love Lucy.

One of my favorite Lucille Ball movies is, The Long, Long Trailer(1954). Which started out as a novel by Clinton Twiss from the 1950s. It is about a couple who buy a new travel trailer and spend a year traveling across the United States. My husband and I did the same thing about 28 years ago with our 5 year old son at the time. I have to say it was one of the most memorable times in our lives.


  1. Lucille Ball was the greatest actress of all time! She was an amazing actress and even a better person! She was also beautiful!