Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Alice Faye: Made her first major film break in 1934.

Alice Faye, she made her first major film break in 1934, when Lilian Harvey left the lead role in a film, Scandals(1935). Hired first to perform a musical number, Faye ended up as the female lead. And she became popular with film audiences of the 1930s. He changed Faye from a wisecracking show girl to a motherly figure as she performed in a few Shirley Temple films.

Cast in mostly musicals, Faye introduced many popular songs to the hit parade. Considered less as an actress and more as a singer. Best known for her performance in 1937's In Old Chicago. She more than held her own with co-stars: Vallee, Al Jolson, Charlotte Greenwood, and Edward Everett Horton, Don Ameche, Tyrone Power, and John Payne.

Song: Oh, You Nasty Man ~ 1934, performed by Alice Faye and Rudy Vallee. From Alice Faye's first film appearance.

Old Chicago(1937). Story of the great fire of 1871. Fictional story of two sons of Mrs. O'Leary, the owner of the cow which started the fire, one a rogue (Power) the other a lawyer (Ameche).

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