Monday, April 12, 2010

The Thrill of Brazil (1946)

The Thrill of Brazil(1946), Is a remake of Hawks' HIS GIRL Friday as a musical, instead of Cary Grant, Rosalind Russell and Ralph Bellamy, there is Keenan Wynn, Evelyn Keyes and Allyn Joslyn, and instead of it being about newspapers and death, it is about a nightclub. Dance director Nick Castle, really knew how to choreograph a dance number.

Producer Steve Farraugh, tries out his new show in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil before taking it on to New York. The Star of the show, Linda Lorens, is in love with Steve, but Steve is still in love with his ex-wife, Vicki Dean, a stage director. Vicki arrives in Rio with her new fiancee, John Harbour, to have Steve's sign the final divorce papers. Steve purposely makes the show finale such a flop that she will want to stay and help him fix it. Despite his best efforts Steve admits defeat and signs the papers. Steve hires taxi driver to steal the the divorce papers from Vicki, along with the couples plane tickets. Vicki decides to accept his offer to direct the show. Steve's plan backfires, when the taxi driver discovers that the check Steve gave him has been signed with disappearing ink, and returns to the club and tells Linda about Steve's scheme. Together, Linda and the taxi driver look for Steve, who is with Vicki and John on a sightseeing trip. The police arrive just as a fight breaks out. All but Steve are arrested and thrown in jail. While still behind bars Steve has a photographer snap a picture of John. Will Steve give up his scheme and confesses to Vicki?



"The Custom House"
Written by Doris Fisher and Allan Roberts
Danced by Ann Miller

"Man is brother to a mule"
Written by Doris Fisher and Allan Roberts
Sung and danced by Ann Miller, Tito Guízar, and chorus

Written by Doris Fisher and Allan Roberts
Performed by Tito Guízar

"Minute Samba"
Written by Enric Madriguera
Performed by Enric Madriguera and his orchestra

"Mucho Dinero"
Written by Enric Madriguera and Albert Gamse
Performed by unidentified singer, with Enric Madriguera and his orchestra

"Thrill of Brazil"
Written by Doris Fisher and Allan Roberts
Performed by Tito Guízar

"You Never Say Yes, You Never Say No"
Performed by Tito Guízar

"Linda Mujer"
Written by Raphael Duchesne


  1. one wonders if ever that old time talent will return

  2. what a beautiful elegant movement and harmony !!!
    No, these wonderful sounds will never come back, unless somebody, like Irwin Berlin...just one a single genius, will discover it to bring it back