Thursday, January 7, 2010


Latin Lovers (1953) romantic musical comedy. Director: Mervyn LeRoy. Writter: Isobel Lennart. Music score: Nicholas Brodszky. Cinematographer: Joseph Ruttenberg. Cast: Lana Turner and Ricardo Montalban.

After a meeting with the board of directors of her New York corporation, Nora Taylor is off to meet with her analyst Lionel Y. Newman, to talk about her problems with boyfriend, Paul Chevron. Nora, became rich when her father struck oil, she wonders if he only lves her for her money. Newman reminds her that Paul is also rich , and believes that he will soon ask her to marry him. Meanwhile, Paul is meeting with his analyst for advice on proposing to Nora. Later that evening, Paul brings up the subject of marriage. Asks Nora to not give him her answer until he's back from Brazil in three weeks. Before she can answer, Nora is asked to dance by a Brazilian man, who tells her "that the atmosphere in Brazil makes all men passionate about women." Nora decides to keep an eye on her man and secretly flies to Brazil. She checks into the same hotel as Paul, and goes to his room to surprise him, she finds that he has been injured in his polo game.

The next day, while Paul and Nora are looking at some horses, Nora finds herself attracted to Roberto Santos. Nora finds herself in the the stables, and in Roberto arms for a passionate kiss.

Will Nora find true love while vacationing in Brazil? Or.. will Nora's bankbook continue to control her heart ?

This is a wonderful film. Beautiful sets and costumes. Lana Turner is awesome, Ricardo Montalban, is even better. The musical numbers are wonderful. They look so gorgeous dancing the samba together.



"The Night and You"
Written by Nicholas Brodszky

"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"

"I Had to Kiss You"
Music by Nicholas Brodszky
Lyrics by Leo Robin

"Come to My Arms"
Music by Nicholas Brodszky
Lyrics by Leo Robin

"Carlotta, Ya Gotta Be Mine"
Music by Nicholas Brodszky
Lyrics by Leo Robin

"A Little More of Your Amour"
Music by Nicholas Brodszky
Lyrics by Leo Robin

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