Monday, December 28, 2009

42ND STREET (1933) Fun Facts.

Ginger Rogers took the role of Anytime Annie at the request of director Mervyn LeRoy, who she was dating at the time.

The film was so financially successful that it saved Warner Brothers from bankruptcy.

The movie's poster was as #7 of "The 25 Best Movie Posters Ever" by Premiere.

As a publicity stunt, a train called 'The 42nd Street Special' traveled from Hollywood to New York City arriving in time for the opening at the Strand theater on 8 March 1933. On the train were Warner contract players who were called to the stage after the movie was shown (according to the review in The New York Times). Included were Joe E. Brown, Tom Mix and his horse, Bette Davis, Laura La Plante, Glenda Farrell, Lyle Talbot, Leo Carrillo, Claire Dodd, Preston Foster and Eleanor Holm.

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